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Mesa's Go-to Carpet Cleaning Service

Give the floors in your home some much-needed TLC by hiring Doreen’s Cleaning Service. As a full-service carpet cleaning company, we’re ready to rejuvenate any floor in your home and make it look brand new. Dedicated to maintaining the highest level of professionalism while using some of the best cleaning products on the market, we promise you’ll have nothing but a great experience with our company.


You’ve made the investment in your carpet, so take the extra step to prolong its life. High-traffic areas in your home can cause distortion in the color and quality of the carpet, in addition to creating a buildup of stains. Our effective, multi-step carpet cleaning process is built for efficiency and will remove even the toughest odors and stains.

Area rugs

Keep your area rugs looking spotless with the help of Doreen’s Cleaning Service. Our process expertly removes the debris, oils, and spots they’ve gained over time. These delicate fabrics require a unique cleaning system to maintain their luster. The wash, rinse, and drying process is done with the utmost precision and attention to detail to preserve the quality of your area rugs.  


Cleaning your stairs can be tricky without the right equipment. These high-traffic areas in your home require routine cleaning to address wear and tear and remove discoloration and stains. Our process will leave your stairs clean without the residue. 


Maintaining your wooden floors can be difficult on your own. Your floors will gleam after our treatment. Using a specialized cleaning method, we’ll enhance the natural beauty of your wood floors, leaving them in peak condition. Whether it’s solid hardwood, laminate, or vinyl, your flooring will be left spotless.   


Make sure your tile surfaces look good for years to come by hiring professionals to remove the dirt and grime. Routine tile cleaning services will eliminate the hidden dirt that mopping leaves behind. Not only will your floors be cleaner, but you’ll also remove allergens and bacteria that can cause health issues. 

Floor Cleaning for Any Surface

We’re more than your average carpet cleaning service. Our team is ready to tackle the toughest jobs on any surface you have in mind. Our comprehensive floor cleaning services utilize superior methods and cleaning agents that’ll exceed your expectations every time.

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Rejuvenate the floor in your home with the help of Doreen's Cleaning Service. Call today to make an appointment for your carpet cleaning service; we’re happy to accommodate your schedule, and we’re readily available to answer your questions!  

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